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Kelly Andersen

Kelly has been with Wealth Continuum Group since 2015. She originally started with us as our first Social Media intern when she was in undergrad at Sacred Heart University, studying Sports Marketing. She joined the team officially as our Marketing Director in the Fall of 2015.

Kelly obtained her MBA in 2016 from Sacred Heart while working for us. She is extremely involved in her community and can be found coaching her travel Basketball team on the weekends. Kelly heads up all of our marketing initiatives and has found great pleasure in our Rugby sponsorship program with Sacred Heart University Women's D1 team and University of New Haven Women's Club team by forming wonderful relationships with the student-athletes and the coaching staff. Kelly manages our highly coveted internship program. 

Kelly is an Adjunct Professor at Sacred Heart University and can be found teaching their entrepreneurship course to their freshman class.  She recently completed her ACUE (The Association of College and University Educators and the American Council on Education) Certification.  A lot of what she teaches flows over into the work she does with our advisers.  She is extremely passionate about growing brands and developing a marketing strategy to get you noticed and heard on various platforms.