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If you’ve been out of the traditional workforce for a few years—maybe you spent a few years at home with your kids, served in the military, or took time off while finding your path—you might feel a little shaky on your feet. We understand that not everyone has a traditional career path.  Returnships are a new phenomena that is taking over the workforce.  They are paid internships that are specially designed for professional women (and men) who have taken a hiatus from their careers, usually for family reasons.  We are excited to offer this opportunity to catch you up on everything you have missed while you have been gone.  

Learn the Latest Skills

Explore your Options

Deepen your Network

Potential Career

Women comprise only 16%

of Financial Advisers in the US


You’ll Learn the Latest Skills

Especially in today’s technology-driven world, things in the workplace change fast. If you haven’t been working for several years, you may not know how to use the social media platforms or not used to the new business world. You may not even be sure how to use your office’s newest chat system to collaborate with your colleagues. That’s why returnships tend to focus on identifying skills that may need sharpening and helping people improve them. It is like a 12 week bootcamp to get your skills refined and your brain in shape again. You won’t get an immersion of experience and information in such a short period of time anywhere else. And it’s not just about improving on tactical skills—it’s often just as much about understanding cultural changes in the office or industry. 

You’ll Explore Your Options

When returning to the workplace, you may see a clear path into a role similar to the one you left—but for many the next step is foggier. Maybe the job you were doing doesn’t really exist anymore, or maybe you didn’t like it very much in the first place and want to explore other options.

A returnship will also give you a chance to see if it’s a good fit before you dive in too deep. Our goal is definitely to provide you exposure to our culture and our environment while getting back into the game. 

You’ll Deepen Your Network

Our program also gives those involved an instant support group.  You immediately have a built-in network of people who understand the value you bring to our team. There is a learning curve that comes with any new job, but it’s easier to overcome it when you’re part of a team.

Potential Career Opportunities

We want to be transparent with you and our number one goal in the returnship is for you to help our team of financial advisers grow.  While that is our primary goal, our other goal is to give you the resources needed to decide if this may be a great career for you after completing your returnship.  

Even if you don’t end up taking a job at the end, a returnship will certainly give you some new experience to freshen up your resume, some confidence to talk about your expertise in interviews, and some references to help you achieve your next step.

Interested in Learning More

  • We are interested in working with an individual who has left the work force for a period of years and is trying to return.
  • We are looking for an individual who is passionate by the purpose in our work and want to help other individuals succeed in their financial lives.
  • We are interested in working with someone who is creative, innovative and loves to learn new things.
  • This individual must have high energy and wants to belong to a "work family" while participating in our growth and other successes.
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