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You Did What On Your Wedding Day?!

Your wedding day is supposed to be a day to remember - and it was! But not JUST for starting a new chapter because it was also the day I helped launch a Financial Professional's brand.

Over the course of being a part of the Wealth Continuum Group, a story stands out in my mind where I had the opportunity to work alongside Laura Donovan developing her brand, Sonder Financial. She came to us looking to create a brand that would resonate with her target market and bring her vision to life. We worked on everything from logo design, customized website, email campaigns, social media campaigns and so much mroe to make sure she was ready to do a flawless launch.

While working with Laura on the timeline of her launch, she was hoping for a mid-June date which turned out to be right when I was going to be getting married. I knew our team would make sure everything was prepared for a smooth launch and I did not need to stress her out with knowing I would be out of the office - so I decided to not let her know until after I got back to the office. To this day, I can still remember the conversation took place in our kitchen area over our morning coffee and her jaw dropped to the ground when I told her I actually had gotten married the weekend we launched her brand and before I walked down the isle I was turning on her website and making sure all of the links were active. To this day we still laugh about this story and it shows truly how much we care about our Financial Professionals businesses, brands, teams and their overall happiness.

At Wealth Continuum Group, we are passionate about helping financial professionals achieve the goals that they have been dreaming of for years. We can help give you the tools to bring your ideas to reality. Being able to be a part of Laura's story to help launch her brand is the reason I love what I do every day. If you want to hear more information about getting started on bringing your idea to life, visit us at

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