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5 Key Steps to Your Financial Professional Biography

It only takes 27 seconds to make a first impression and one-tenth of a second to determine traits of trustworthiness. Learn how to create a strong first impression through your financial professional biography.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your financial professional biography applies to the first impression standards. When a prospective client views your biography, showing who you are and how you can help is the start to a strong bio.

“Most prospects are going to check out a financial advisor by looking at their bio on their website and social media to make sure they’re on the up and up – and also, that they’re consistent”

Learn the five key elements needed in a financial professionals bio and why they are imperative to a stronger biography.

Tip #1 - Purpose

Your financial professional biography should begin with two questions. Why you are writing a biography and the goals you wish to achieve. It's important to outline your biography with clear goals to make a strong impression.

First impressions are made instantly. Your biography is the moment a potential client first gains a glimpse of who you are. Not only will your biography be the chance to prove your credibility but capture your audience in a humanized way.

Keeping your goals of the purpose in mind, you can create a clear narrative that is easy to follow. You want your reader to understand your biography.

Tip #2 - Authenticity

A prospective client is seeking a real financial professional versus a robotic substitute. Showing your relatable real self can set you apart. Your biography should connect to your purpose. Potential clients are looking for a professional who's highly trained and experienced in their field. It is important to not recite the facts but place your credentials in a professional manner. Clients want to connect on a personal level, incorporating personal interests can gain a client's trust.

Tip #3 - Simplicity

When writing your financial professional biography, you want to think about your audience. Including too much or too little information can leave a potential client confused. As a financial professional you want to showcase your major points within a few paragraphs. within the few paragraphs, you should answer who you are and how you can help.

Tip #4 - Accessibly

Maintaining a financial professional website is an opportunity to show prospective clients your biography. Your website should have keywords to optimize the search. Specific keywords such as "Financial" will increase visibility on search engines. Using too many keywords may obstruct the flow of your biography.

It is important for prospective clients to be able to easily located and search for your website. through keywords can help the location of your biography.

Tip #5 - Message

Concluding your financial advisor biography, you want to read through to ensure you are providing the image you want to portray of yourself. Asking yourself what this message sends to prospective clients who are viewing the page. You want to avoid industry language that can be confusing to potential clients.

The goal is to create a positive relationship between you and the potential client so they will become a client.

The Completed Biography

Having a strong and meaningful bio can boost the interest of your company. your biography allows you to make it clear to your potential clients what they can gain from your services. At first glance, you may just think a financial professional biography is clear but there are numerous elements that you will be able to improve so you can gain more clients.

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