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We have teamed up with MyWorth to bridge the confidence gap between women and their money by bringing them the resources they need so they can take charge of their financial futures. MyWorth has created a safe space for women to understand and power through some of their most defining moments.  They work with women to have them feel knowledgeable, empowered and capable of making the right decisions for their financial future.  

There are moments in life that have been carefully planned for, the moments of clarity where it feels like a light bulb went off and then there are those moments filled with the unexpected.  No matter the moment or circumstances, MyWorth is there. The core MyWorth team, backed by a 171-year-old company Penn Mutual, has a wide range of industry, business and life experiences.  Together, we are passionate about empowering and enabling determined women to live their best lives through financial education, action and protection.  


Women comprise only 15 to 20 percent

of financial advisers in the US. 

Source: Forbes, "Why Has Women's Economic Power Surged Five Stats You Need to Know",Jan 31, 2017 

There is a massive gender gap in the financial advisory industry.  Women are being under represented in the financial field as both advisers and clients.  

Women today are earning the majority of bachelor’s, masters and doctoral degrees.  There has also been a shift where 40% of women in the US are now the breadwinners for their households.  Women are holding more leadership roles than ever and their economic power continues to surge.1

When you look at this picture, it doesn’t add up why there’s disconnect between women advisers in the industry and helping other women take hold of their financial independence.  

That is why we partnered with MyWorth, who works with women to navigate critical life events so that they can face them feeling capable and proud.  They are backed by our partner Penn Mutual, a 171 year old company that is forging a new path that changes the narrative between women and the financial industry.  Being connected with these two strong organizations is giving us the ability to connect women advisers with strong backgrounds in financial services, who realize that women are not finding the help they are looking for when it comes to their money.

1 Forbes, "Why Has Women's Economic Power Surged Five Stats You Need to Know",Jan 31, 2017 

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The MyWorth leadership team is complemented by advisers who are subject matter experts in areas related to life insurance, investing, divorce, family planning, wealth management, retirement planning, college planning, special needs planning, succession planning, and more.

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Being part of a community can be comforting and inspirational. Being part of a community filled with strong, savvy women who can best advise and help make impactful decisions, now that’s powerful.

Join a community of women, with incredibly strong career backgrounds and life experiences, who can help you control your narrative and help you make the best decisions for your future.

myWorth prepared the content in this article.  This information has been derived from sources believed to be accurate.

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