Financial Professional with Prime Financial Services

Job Location

187 Danbury Rd, Wilton, CT 06897, USA

Type of Job

Full Time

About the job

Prime Financial Services is currently looking for a financial professional with 1+ years experience who is interested in working with clients in the healthcare industry. Ideally, this individual is driven to succeed, a self-starter, and eager to learn best practices from a multi-generational financial firm that has been around since 1956. The ideal candidate must be a team player, and have a passion for the financial services business.

Prime Financial Services has a big mentor spirit and enjoys working with people who are newer to the industry. They have a clear target market that will instantly allow you to prospect. They have a strong process in onboarding their clients that looks that their goals and create a holistic plan.

Prime Financial Services has a strong background in taxes and has an interesting business model that allows you to combine taxes and financial planning.

A private label firm for

the modern financial professional.

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