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Creative Assistance

Our Marketing Department is structured much like a marketing agency making our Financial Advisers our clients. We work with you to help strategically grow your business by utilizing digital and other marketing platforms, and combining that with our expertise and understanding of what makes your practice successful.  We are innovators in the Financial Services industry, and leaders in digital marketing and all of the services it encompasses: search engine optimization, responsive website design, social media marketing, content marketing and more.  When you want to make a strong impact on your customers and see your business flourish, our Marketing Department is able to assist you in reaching your desired marketing goals and achieve the level of branding you seek.

When you first start to work with us, we begin with:

Analyze Your Website

Social Media Revamp

Brand Guidelines 

Marketing Plan

Our Creative Assistance Team

Kelly Andersen

Kelly Andersen

Marketing Director

Business Development

You will be working with our Practice Development team who have a passion for working with Financial Advisers and helping their teams to grow their business through marketing initiatives and strategic plans. We have a comprehensive marketing matrix that is based on your level as organizer, builder or enhancer that showcases all of the support, education and consulting we offer on digital marketing, social media and other marketing initiatives.  We are your accountability partners when it comes to your business and brand.  

The Practice Development team then works with you to create:

Customized Strategic Plans

Quarterly Marketing Plans

90 Day Sprint Plans

Our Practice Development Team

Kelly Andersen

Kelly Andersen

Marketing Director

Donna Rich

Donna Rich

Chief Operating Officer

Team Coaching

Depending where you are in your career, you may be looking to develop a team to grow your business to the next level.  We have years of experience building Financial Services teams that focus on a specific niche market.  We understand what makes great teams: attention to results, accountability, commitment, positive conflict, and trust.  When you bring together the Creative Assistance, Business Development and Team Coaching, you are able to drastically grow your business while working smarter, not harder. 

The Coaching team works with you by:

Weekly Meetings with Team Leaders

Bi-Weekly Check-Up on 90 Day Plans

Our Team Coach

Clint Hall

Clint Hall

Managing Director

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