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Johnny X.

"The Visionary"


When we met Johnny he was part of a large agency for a major mutual company. 

At that time, he had been in the business for five years.  One of a few survivors in his old agency system, he received a lot of attention when he started.  But, overtime, he was hardly recognized for his success because all the focus and agency resources were devoted to managing the revolving door of mass recruiting and failed new advisers. 

He always had a vision to create his own firm using a private DBA, but struggled to elevate his practice within the limited hierarchy of the agency. 

The Dream

Three years ago, he finally had it and knew there was a better way to create the practice he had always dreamed of.  Johnny decided to break away from the large agency environment, thought about going independent, but ultimately aligned with Wealth Continuum Group because of our:


proven programs

innovative platform to private label his practice

Our Role

Today, Johnny leads a team of two advisors and one staff person.  He is positioned as an influencer in his target market, has a repeatable process to generate new leads, has doubled his production in just 36 short months, and enjoys the independence of building a practice under the private label brand “X Financial Group.”  A name that he owns and a brand that resonates with his market. 


The Private Label Experience helped him realize his vision and he is enjoying more freedom, money, and happiness than he could of ever imagined.

PLE Logo_ Fingerprint Circle White Gradi

Our Role

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