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Alex J.

"The Team Builder"


Alex started in the business right out of college.  It was hard work, but he always found a way to qualify for “The Club Trip” and built his client roster one individual at a time – he contributes his early success to being a self-starter, a natural networker, and good at getting referrals.  He always had the desire to mentor others and five years ago he took a Sales Manager role at a large agency. 

The Dream

Two years ago, when we met Alex, he was stuck on the revolving wheel of: recruit, train, repeat.  But most of all, he found himself in management for all the wrong reasons, babysitting the unmotivated members in his unit.  What he really wanted to do was build a business by leveraging his knowledge and leadership skills to mentor other high caliber professionals. 

Our Role

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Alex aligned with Wealth Continuum Group because our Private Label Experience provided him the support and freedom to build his dream business. 


Today, Alex leads a team of six advisers with an increase in production of 25% or more every year.  Using this team based approach, Alex has eliminated all the nonsense and low payoff activities from his day, he only spends his energy on activities he enjoys, and his brand is well-known in his community.  He finds daily satisfaction and pride because he is no longer promoting someone else’s name and is finally building a business for himself. 

Ready to Get Started?
Get started on building your own brand with our team of industry-leaders to create what you have been dreaming of. 
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