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Meghan M.

"The Emerging Professional"


Meghan has always had a strong desire to help others.  She got started in the business because someone sold her on a career that would provide flex hours, high income, and most of all, the ability to have an impact on her clients.  What she found was a daily grind of prospecting and never knowing where her next lead or sale would come from.  To make matters worse, she was in an agency with no innovation and little support.  Anytime she asked for help, she got the same answer, “Work harder, make more calls, and try working weekends.” 

The Dream

She was committed to the work, believed in herself, loved helping clients, and pressed forward thinking there had to be a better way.  After four years of struggling and no direction for growth, she became frustrated and began looking for other opportunities.  What she found was Wealth Continuum Group’s Private Label Experience that positions financial professional teams as influencers in a specific market. 

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Our Role

Today, Meghan is a valuable member of a high performing team, follows a proven step by step process, knows exactly where her next lead will come from, and can focus on delivering the client experience.  She has freedom over her schedule, is increasing her production year over year, making a difference in her client’s lives, and has finally found a career of a lifetime! 

Ready to Get Started?
Get started on building your own brand with our team of industry-leaders to create what you have been dreaming of. 
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