Grow by 10x.

You dream it. We make it a reality.   

The 10x Method

At this moment, we've created a powerful brand story, you are reaching out to your target market and closing business.  Life is great, right? It is great, but it is not complete until you learn how to grow by 10x.  
With our Practice Development team, we are able to help take your business from an idea and launch into the future.

We make sure your branding and marketing initiatives stay cohesive while planning for the years to come. 


Your accountability partner.  We make sure that the plans we put in place are executed so that way each quarter we are building on the foundation we originally created.  


You came to us as a Financial Professional but we help you become a business owner.  We help you learn the leadership skills required to grow your business while still enjoying what you do. 

If you don't plan, you are planning to fail.

Our team holds you accountable to your plans.  It can be daunting to look at your practice three years out.  We help you break it down by three years, one year and 90 days.  We then work with you over those next 90 days to keep advancing you closer to those yearly goals.  Before you know it, we are looking back 6 years later at all that you and your team have accomplished.  
  • Yearly Business Plan
  • Quarterly Planning Opportunities
  • Team-Away Day
  • Marketing Plans
  • Succession Plans
We believe there are two areas that every financial professional needs to develop: their professional development and practice development. Both of these areas are integral when working towards growing by 10x.
Local Training Sessions

We hold in-house training sessions with experts in different areas to give you best practices and additional resources that will help your clients.

Corporate Level Training Sessions

Our practice development virtual and live training sessions led by home office experts focusing on products, sales concepts, marketing and technology.

Sales System Training

Leap offers a unique model for managing personal finance that calculates every move and keeps your clients connected every step of the way.

Designation Reimbursement

We want you to become masters of your craft.  We offer the opportunity for our financial professionals to attain designations from The American College.


Management-led sessions focused on taking sales ideas through conceptualization and design with proven client implementation strategies.

Advanced Market 
Team Resources

Resources that have a dedicated team of attorneys and planning experts at your disposal that will help you reach new markets, cross-sell and grow your business.


We make the unfamiliar, familiar fast with our onboarding process that gets you and your team and staff up and running in no time. 

Study Groups

Share ideas with other successful financial professionals and hear what makes their practice successful.

Client Experience
Service Levels

Create your own customized service model matrix with defined levels of services provided and a systematized grid of cultivation events provided to support your client satisfaction.


We work with you to create the systems and processes together for your staff to keep allowing your business to grow.

New Markets & 

Work with our Practice Development team to expand into target markets that work within your geographical area while focusing on your own expertise or interests.

Practice Expansion & Growth

Align yourself as an organizer, enhance or builder where we assist with strategies that fulfill your own personalized vision for growth.


Your business will ultimately keep going after you retire.  We help you put a plan in place to give your clients and family a piece of mind.


Having Centers of Influences (COIs) is a great opportunity to grow your business.  We help you develop those relationships and have a clear understanding of how to work with one another.


Dive deeper in your target market by clearly defining who they are, their challenges and how you are able to help them.


Your time is valuable.  By segmenting your clients and having a clear understanding of who and what they are will give you a proper road map on what type of client experience they will get. 

Ready to Get Started?
Get started on on building your own brand with our team of industry-leaders to create what you have been dreaming of. 

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