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Intern Perspective: Madison Vuilleumier

| February 18, 2018
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Before starting the internship program at Wealth Continuum group I had many assumptions as to what the duration of my time here would be like. Prior to my experience here so far, I thought an internship would be the stereotypical one that all interns fear. I imagined the duties would include coffee runs, faxing documents, and making copies, in other words, I thought I would be doing the work that no one else wanted to do. My perception of what an internship was changed upon my start here at Wealth Continuum Group. Everyone here welcomed all the interns, and has made all the interns feel valued in our roles here.

In the four short weeks that I have been here as in intern, I’ve learned far more than I originally expected. One of the responsibilities we have is to help the advisers grow their social networks. We have been hands in the process of Social Selling, as well as formulating messages to send to prospective clients. LinkedIn is what we use to generate conversation with other professionals, and being able to navigate through this platform is something I have learned thus far, and value heavily. LinkedIn is something that I will be able to use throughout my professional life and it is a skill I can take away from this whole process.

Not only are we working with advisers to grow their professional networks, but we are also working on an internship project. The internship project is designed to teach the interns about the processes and development that emerging advisers go through to become full advisers. We are organizing, developing, and growing our own “business”, as well as creating our own team, and marketing/business plan. I think this sets this particular internship out from others because of all the hands on learning and training. The project is something that we have been gradually working on, and personally as I keep moving forward in the phases of my work, I am starting to vision my finished “business”. This is a great addition to the program because I can not only learn from my own research, but I can also see the ideas and final product of the other interns. Overall the program and culture here is something that I think most students would thoroughly enjoy. I am lucky to be one of three interns here this spring, and am thankful that the environment here is the way it is. An internship is a stepping stone into the real world and can often give you glimpses of what one may want their future career to look like. Wealth Continuum Group has definitely set the bar for what I would want the environment of my future job to be like.

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