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Intern Perspective: Lauren Payton

| August 09, 2017
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When the word “intern” comes to mind, I think many people, including myself, are guilty of thinking about making coffee runs and printing copies. Before I started my first internship, I definitely had some unsure thoughts. However, as soon as I met the team here at Wealth Continuum, I knew that I would feel right at home. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful to all of the new interns. The work I was doing was concrete and directly impacted the advisers. The training I received was of true value and gave me insight about what it would really be like to start a career in this field. Each aspect of the intern program had a purpose, and this was shown from the very start.

There are so many valuable lessons taught in the classroom, but I think the best lessons are learned through experience. The internship project is a great demonstration of this point. It is a great addition to the program and also happens to be my favorite part. It gives me a chance to combine my critical thinking skills and creativity in order to develop a plan. This also enlightens me about the real work I would be doing and the business I could create for myself, if I chose this path. I am a firm believer that the greatest way to learn is through practice. The project allows me to present my ideas and get real feedback, which is extremely beneficial for if I did implement my idea in the professional world.

Another incredibly valuable resource given to the interns is the training session program. These weekly meetings grant a clear vision of who advisers are, what it is they do, and how they get everything completed. This is a modified version of the actual skills young fellows receive when they are just starting out. Learning about the qualifications and what it takes to be successful in the industry is of utmost importance. Not only does this help when creating the business plan, but it also helps for making a profession decision. The highly accomplished advisers have a plethora of knowledge to bestow. By listening, absorbing, and asking questions this information can be passed down to all of the interns.

Between the structure of the internship program at Wealth and the culture of the company, the overall internship experience would definitely receive a five star review. I could not have asked for better people to work with or a better work environment. I have already learned a lot and know it is only the beginning. Coming to work has been something I truly enjoy and look forward to each week. I want to thank everyone at Wealth Continuum for giving me this opportunity and making it such a great experience. I am excited for what is still to come!

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