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Intern Perspective: Alex Hartzell

| February 18, 2018
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I always perceived a traditional internship to be someone who runs around an office completing orders given by higher-ups. There is a stigma that interns can only make copies or fetch coffee and both of those duties won’t benefit the intern’s actual knowledge of anything in the business world. Wealth Continuum Group is my first internship and I have had a great time understanding what an integral role I play in their well-run financial office. At Wealth Continuum Group, they aim to broaden the intern’s knowledge of the business and the field.

As my fourth full week is quickly approaching as an intern here at Wealth Continuum Group I have learned quite a lot. The first thing that I picked up was hearing the collaboration that was taking place with the advisers and the teams. I was able to learn all of the industry specific lingo that I am starting to confidently use in conversations around the office. My favorite part of my time here thus far has been the training with the onsite trainer, Skeff. This training is very valuable and I’m sure the other two interns would agree. It’s terrific real world knowledge that helps in day-to-day life. The social selling aspect of this internship is another part to be recognized. This has helped me realized the importance of niches in the Financial Services industry. Lastly, I really enjoy the ability to talk one-on-one with the financial advisers in this building and learn from them. They have already taught me more about what they do and have given me advice for my career which is just in the starting stages.

Part of the intern program is a final internship project where we get to create our own financial team that mimics the teams they have in their office. I believe the project is an essential piece of this internship program. It gives the intern another level of education needed in the Financial Services industry while allowing them to be creative. The project will help me understand the basics in creating a portfolio and niche of people to target. Picking a target area is important in this industry for many reasons. You will be seen as an expert in that area and the “go to” person. You will have a deeper understanding of what your target needs and wants. Specifying a certain group will give you a competitive advantage in the field and will then lead to more business and referrals from existing clients.

This internship program at Wealth Continuum Group is providing me with the essential people and work environment to experience what will be needed to grow as a young businessman. I have always been a huge fan of a strong culture within a company. The culture here is something special, as doors are always open and advisers and other willing to talk and answer any questions asked. We are always collaborating for the best possible outcome during our time here at the office. Lastly, Jim Pierce, the President of Wealth Continuum Group, has been present and knows all his intern’s name’s. This doesn’t happen often at other companies; many interns won’t even get to talk to the president of that company. Other reasons like this is why I have loved working here so far! This program will give me a head start to becoming a financial adviser.

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