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5 Takeaways from the Rotman International Trading Competition

| August 17, 2017
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We asked Lauren Payton, one of our Spring Interns, to be a guest blogger on our site to discuss her time at the Rotman International Trading Competition that took place in Toronto, Canada. Below she describes the top 5 things she took away from the competition.

Last weekend I had the great privilege of competing in the Rotman International Trading Competition in Toronto, Canada. Fifty-two schools from all over the globe participated in a three day stimulated market challenge. Through an application process, six members from Fairfield University were chosen to be on the team. After weeks of learning the Rotman software and training for the cases, our team took on the challenge.

  1. Competition: People always say that the business world is highly competitive and only gets more competitive each year. This was definitely true, seeing as though I met and went head to head with some of the smartest students I have ever met. It taught me to have an edge, take a little bit of risk, and work very hard.
  2. Securities: In the finance industry, there are many different “securities” and not only one way to trade. Through each of the different cases I was able to learn about commodities, fixed income, outcry, options, volatility, and more. The stimulated market challenge truly gave the participants a glimpse into the real market.
  3. Time: This is definitely of the essence in business world, especially in finance. You need to be on top of the news, always ready for new information to be released and ready to act upon it. When dealing with trading various types of securities, you need to act fast in order to close out positions and maximize profits.
  4. Culture: The competition was a compilation of schools from all over the globe. It’s very important to be able to understand and respect other cultures. The wider and more worldly your knowledge is, the better.
  5. Networking: In the professional world, connections are key. Aside from the competition, meeting with other students, professors, and business professionals was a huge aspect of the weekend. It’s important to be able to build relationships and get to know who is around you.

After all of the cases and sponsor presentations were over, there was an awards ceremony at the Hockey Hall of Fame. It was truly the experience of a lifetime having the opportunity to network with all of the global participants in this setting. Being a part of the Rotman Competition is hands down one of the best life experiences I have had to date, and I am so proud of how well the Fairfield University team did! I really hope to come back next year and take “the gold!”

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